Trade Mark Fees

There are a total of 45 trade mark classifications of goods/services. When applying to register your mark you must ensure that the goods/services are registered in all classes that you wish to trade within. The 45 classes are split into two parts. Class 1-34 are for the registration of goods, class 35-45 are for the registration of a service.

Class 1; Chemical products used in industry, science and agriculture
Class 2; Paints, colorants and preparations used for protection against corrosion.
Class 3; Cleaning preparations and toilet preparations.
Class 4; Industrial oils and greases, fuels and illuminants.
Class 5; Pharmaceutical and other preparations for medical purposes.
Class 6; Common metals as well as simple products made from them.
Class 7; Machines, machine tools, motors and engines.
Class 8; Hand-operated implements used as tools in the respective professions.
Class 9; Technological apparatus.
Class 10; Medical apparatus, instruments and articles.
Class 11; Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating.
Class 12; Vehicles and apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water.
Class 13; Firearms, projectiles and explosives, ammunition and fireworks
Class 14; Precious metals, goods in precious metals and precious stones
Class 15; Musical instruments.
Class 16; Paper, goods made from paper and office requisites.
Class 17; Rubber, gum, asbestos, insulating materials and non metal flexible pipes
Class 18; Leather, leather imitations and travel goods not included in other classes.
Class 19; Non-metallic building materials.
Class 20; Furniture and its parts and plastic goods not included in other classes.
Class 21; Hand-operated utensils and apparatus for household and kitchen use as well as toilet Utensils, glassware and articles in porcelain.
Class 22; Rope and sail manufacture products, padding, net and string.
Class 23; Yarns and threads for textile use.
Class 24; Textiles (piece goods) and textile covers for household use.
Class 25; Clothing footwear and headgear.
Class 26; Dressmakers' articles.
Class 27; Products intended to be added as furnishings to previously constructed floors and walls.
Class 28; Games and playthings.
Class 29; Meat, vegetables and other horticultural comestible products
Class 30; Foods of plant origin prepared for consumption or conservation
Class 31; Land products not having been subjected to any form of preparation for consumption.
Class 32; Non-alcoholic beverages, as well as beer.
Class 33; Alcoholic beverages (except beer).
Class 34; Tobacco smokers' articles matches.
Class 35; Business management and business administration.
Class 36; Insurance and financial services.
Class 37; Building construction services.
Class 38; Communication services.
Class 39; Transport services.
Class 40; The treatment of materials.
Class 41; Education, training, sports and entertainment.
Class 42; Scientific and technological services.
Class 43; Catering an temporary accommodation services.
Class 44; Medical services
Class 45; Personal and social services.